A New Challenger!

Hello and welcome to Challengia’s website. My name is Martial, before I was publishing news and contents under my personal username and now I would be a little more personal with you. For those who have known me under the old developer name, “Challengia!” is my new name under which games and apps will be created and published including the NChans franchise. This change is born from the desire to have a true authentic and different name, but which remains linked to the previous name. You may have noticed the new logo as well as a brand new icon.

This name is also a desire to surpass itself and to create content that may not be original for your but that will make me progress every day in the video games and mobile games fields. Now I want to work in deep relationship with freelancer and make more investments.

Basically nothing has changed, the projects remain the same. I’m working on NChans contents and find how I can contribute to your entertainment through my serie. For more informations, I invite you to read the About page to know a little more about the past story. But from now, I may include mature content projects, such as a brand new mobile game serie currently in conception.

In making the new design for Challengia’s website, I also removed things like old news entries as it would take more time for me to update them. And it’s more like a new start for me.

More informations will be released soon. Thanks for your attention.

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