Work hand in hand with the NChans! Participate in this great adventure alongside our pretty hostesses on services and entertainment projects! We are looking for all interested people to work for NChans Studio and NChallenge in order to extend our serie about pinups hostesses. This page will allow you to consult our expectations and find out if you are able to work with NChans.

Freelance Recruitment: You are recruited for a project or several projects led by NChans Studio and NChallenge. However, there is no employment contract, you are then paid for the work independently according to your usual price list (we have the right to refuse any request).

Partnership with a third party company: We are looking for any support that will enable us to promote our “NChans” brand. Under the terms of the contract it’s possible for these third parties to publish “NChans products” in a mutual agreement while respecting our copyrights. If you want to use the “NChans” brand and its characters for your projects, contact NChallenge.

– Mastering Unity;
– Mastering Android Studio;
– Mastering Buildbox;

– Use to work on projects like visual novels, mobile games, PC games;
– Able to writte contents following the NChans story and background details;

– Digital artists;
– Pixel artists;
– Vectorial artists;
– 3D modelers;

– Able to compose variety of music. Japanese/Chinese and Brazilian inspiration;


  • Artist – Draw the NChans in chibi form, front view, for portraits and listings [NChans Studio] [NChans Profile]
  • Artist – Draw the NChans in chibi form in yonkoma (4コマ漫画), short fun stories.
  • Composer – Create soundtracks for NChans apps and games. Brazilian and asian style. [NChans] [NChans Jump]
  • Community Manager – Broadcast on social networks NChans news and participate in conversations with the community of fans.