Hello, my name is Martial. Challengia is a French indie studio I created but as I’m alone and with no experience I’m mostly working with the help of freelancers and other studios. I’m not a developer, I’m rather an intermediate between different talents. My end goal with Challengia is to create all kind of stories and new gaming experiences, taking inspiration on my passion for video games and mangas/animes.

My favorites video games are Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii, Nintendo Switch), Super Mario World (SNES), Pokémon Gold Version (Game Boy) and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo GameCube), among many others I can’t quote right now. My favorites mangas are Samurai Deeper Kyo, One Piece, Death Note and Usagi Drop.

Coming soon.

Challengia is specialized in visual novel as well as mobile apps softwares.

Challengia was initially created in 2010 under the name of “NChallenge” which came from my very gaming news website’s URL when I was at high school. The creation of my NChans series is closely tied to NChallenge’s history, being my website’s mascots before becoming its own independant series. In 2018 I decided to change the name for “Challengia!” as I wanted to disociate in name with the NChans series.

Challengia should be stylized as “Challengia!” with an exclamation point. But you can refer me and my studio as just Challengia. “Challengia!” seems like a slogan that we emit to say that we are there, ready to take up the challenges. The icon is just “C!”, somehow it looks like a smile. I hesitated to represent Challengia with an icon depicting a stack of pebbles. My previous catchphrase was “Make Experience, Be Creative”.

White and red are the two main colors that define “Challengia!”. The main reason: I just love these two colors. It’s the main color of my series NChans, it’s the colors on the Japanese flag, and also the color that define one of my favourite japanese gaming companies. The red color is the exact same color that define NChans.

For NSFW projects involving mature contents I prefer to disociate to Challengia, I created Xctasia my second indie studio. If such projects may be listed here, no NSFW content will be shown on this website.

NChans is a group of female characters initially created as the mascots of Challengia when my website was named NChallenge, between 2011 and 2015. A group of hostesses welcoming people visiting the website, the characters were part of the website theme/design. Honchan was created as the main website hostess, with Stachan the websites projects hostess and Pinchan the video game projects hostess.

The NChans group was officialy created in 2013 with the characters having then chibi style (Super Deformed) to better integrate the website design/ with the creation of new characters including Lawchan, Enachan and Raychan among the first girls. In 2015 I took the decision to focus on my NChans characters and make its own series.