• NChallenge becomes now “Challengia!”.


  • NChallenge launches NChans Style  on Google Play Store for Android devices.


  • NChallenge launches NChans Profile  on Google Play Store and Amazon Store.
  • Honchan and the NChans have officially celebrated their 5th anniversary.
  • NChans’s website become officially NChans Studio.


  • NChallenge is now focused on creating NChans’s contents. Creating games, apps and stories based on its own main characters.
  • NChans’s website (http://www.nchans.com) is launched.


  • The NChallenge hostesses are officially named “NChans”. HonShy, StaShy and PinShy are renamed into “Honchan”, “Stachan” and “Pinchan”. Honchan, Stachan and Pinchan got new designs based on their initial concept designs. The hostess’s uniform was remade and based on modern cheongsam. New hostesses are created, Lawchan being the first to join Honchan’s group and NChallenge has planned to create more characters over the years.


  • HonShy, StaShy and PinShy are created as NChallenge mascot and represent NChallenge’s hostesses for its games/websites/stories projects.


  • Martial started a personnal portfolio project called “NChallenge”, the name is based on Martial’s first website URL “nchallenge”.