Reworking NChans Studio

As we become Challengia and make changes to our website, the NChans website called “NChans Studio” is still in maintenance. To resume my thought, I want to rework the website and make it more “online friendly” but still keeping the “portfolio / model agency” vibe.

The NChans franchise is something I’m working through years to find what is the best as content to create. I released last year the first true app called “NChans Style”, with exclusive illustrations of the characters for your background devices (Android devices). I want to continue in that direction by finding what fits and what doesn’t fit to the serie, especially on the gaming sphere.

I can not say when the website will be available again, because there is a lot of content to review and we want this time the site is complete in every detail. Please stay tuned on Challengia website and our social networks.

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