Updates on NChans projets (10th Anniversary)

Hello there! Thanks for reading (I know you don’t exist right now, I’m talking to nobody)

There are a lot of things to talk about for basically nothing. In any case, I have huge problem of activity for a few years now, I’m just not that active on the Internet and productive I was back in the 2000’s.

So about NChans projets, my main activity under Challengia’s umbrella. To make things short: I’m not sure I will even have a desktop versions of NChans Style by the end of the year. NChans Jump developpement was once again stopped a few weeks ago. I need time to find the right persons, the right investment, the right moment. There is nothing of that for the moment and I hope to launch a new hirement soon.

I’m still working on physical goodies to celebrate NChans 10th anniversary, I hope to have something to offer for later this year.

NChans Style is still supported despit a lack of user activities, a new set of styles is on the way for later this month. But there is one thing odd: golden style featuring Legendary Honchan is still missing. I know it should have been added since the latest video presentation. I’m sorry for the delay and I hope it will be available this month…

There is also an art contest currently hold on the NChans website and NChans group on DeviantArt (which should see the removal of NSFW contents soon). It will end on June 23 15:00 UTC+2 so make sure to submit your entry before submission closure.

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