NChans Style has been removed from the Google Play

Once again, Google has removed the NChans Style app from their store without notice, on November 28. The reason given is once again “the presence of sexual content or service intended to be sexually gratifying”, which I have refuted and continue to refute today.

NChans Style is a wallpaper manager users can set new backgrounds for their devices, it does not contain any sexual or pornographic content. It does contain suggestive contents that could be described as erotic at best (partial nudity) which is perfectly covered by Google’s policy and software classifications (PEGI, ESRB…). NChans Style is classified as “M” in America and “PEGI 16” in Europe. For each suspension, Google has sent screenshots showing what’s problematic for them. It goes from Summer Raychan/Vyschan’s buttline visible to Ribbon Xeychan/Woechan interacting.

Having come to the conclusion that there’s a difference in treatment between mobile games and mobile apps, I’ve contested this decision every time, comparing the content of my app with other software, including mobile games that are very popular on the platform, pointing the presence of the same alleged “sexual content” on these cases. Unfortunately to no avail. I weigh nothing in the balance. The people in charge at Google are forcing me to put in a new application (which means we have to compile a new application with a new ID) and without the content suspected of being “sexual” (I should point out that I can remove any content remotely, without touching the software directly… So it would have been nice to have been warned in advance…).

Following a previous suspension in 2021, I even decided to launch NChans Style+ a premium version of the app, this time with simultaneous deployment on Google Play and Amazon AppStore. NChans Style+ was also suspended by Google (but not by Amazon…). Unfortunately, no solution has been found. Facing this latest suspension today, I’m not going to work on a new version of NChans Style for Google Play while trying to comply with their rules. It’s over. It would actually be difficult for me without reworking the app scripts to update it to the latest Google Play standard (especially the libraries). I simply have other things to do and don’t have an Android developer handy to assign this task to.

I announced last year the renewal of support for NChans Style for 2023, despite the absence of new content. I will continue this support until January 2024 for NChans Style. For the NChans Style+ version available on Amazon AppStore, support will be extended beyond the year 2024 (no deadline for the moment). An in-app notification will be sent on both apps later tomorrow.

I will continue to design new products, mostly app and games, around my NCHANS brand. Being alone, it takes time but projects are well underway. I want to thank the people who, in the shadows or in the light, have supported NChans Style. Thanks for your attention.