NChans 10th anniversary

Hello! Not a lot of updates on this website, I’m very terrible at being constant haha. I also need to rework my website. I never got a clear idea of what I want as my own website.

Next year around August 2021, my characters Honchan, Stachan and Pinchan from NChans are celebreating their 10th anniversary! Their 10th anniversary but still unknown to a large audience (I’m sure some of you when you see Honchan you still think she is a nurse haha…).

It’s time to announce plans for the celebration. But these are not definitive announcement as I might delay the work due to private stuff. I’m still working alone on my projects.

Created in 2011 as mascots for my website NChallenge with the help of french artist and friend Acetea, these characters become important to me over the years. On march 2013, I officially created “NChans” that include the original trio characters with an updated chara-design and new characters like Lawchan, Enachan, Baochan and many more (with a few that still have to be created today), with artist Gumwad201 helping with art design.

I launched NChans Profile in 2016, a simple companion app to NChans Studio website. It was my very first app done with Android Studio and it was not good haha, I removed it a few month later. NChans Style was launched 2 times, in 2017 featuring the works of several artists and a definitive version in 2019 featuring NChans’s new art-design by artist Orcaleon.

Next year, here is what I will try the following:

Make a japanese version of NChans Studio website and translate NChans’s name – Making a japanese version of NChans Studio to spread further NChans to japanese consumers. The Japan culture which is my primary source of inspiration and my passion.

Add “the original concept of the NChans” to NChans Studio website – I think this will speak for nobody, but if you have been attentive to what I have said earlier you may have an idea of what’s going on with this point haha.

Create and sell NChans merch as cross promotion – I would like to produce really interesting merchandises featuring clothes, accessories, acrylic standees, stickers, mousepads and pins/badges. I’m already working with partners and my goal is to find new partnerships so I could produce NChans figures which I’m not able right now.

Port NChans Style to PC – Yes, making NChans Style available on PC! I must admit NChans Style and its second version on Google Play Store is not succeeding to find customers. I’m lacking visibility for the most part due to my actual situation, but also suffering from the lack of main driving app, like a mobile game for example, to have users actually using the wallpapers manager as “being fan of NChans”. This may not solve the lack of visibility, but making a PC version is what I plan after seeing some wallpaper managers working on PC.

Support the mobile version of NChans Style up to 2023 – I wanted to support this app until 2021, but I have new ideas of themes and I still have to work on new functions I initially planned with the release of NChans Style. And with the PC port, this gives me the occasion to not down the support. I just hope I will keep the support of artists working with me. 2023 will be the 10th anniversary of “NChans” as a series so will ask for special styles. One of the new themes to introduce in 2021 would be about “ninja”.

Make partnerships and cross-promotion with third-parties – I have a dream I can’t share right now, but to help raising NChans’s popularity among people I would like to make partnerships and eventually try to make cross-promotion (or cross-over) with others series. I would like Honchan to join an indie cross-over fighting game!

NChans Live on YouTube – Since 2017 I’m thinking about a YouTube serie to present news and updates about NChans contents. Initially saw as a Vtuber project, the concept is growing up and today I definitely have a clear image of how it should be look. But for this I have to introduce a brand new character I have in mind for so long!

More NChans Short Stories – During Halloween 2020, I tested a new form of video: NChans Short Stories where the pinups interact and have a nice discussion about what they are doing. It’s lacking some punch but I don’t have further plans, it serves mainly to promote NChans Style, although having static artworks is less appealing than a “lip sync” system. I want to work and release at least one Short Story per NChans Style theme which includes Sweet Sweet Weddings, Night of Elegance, Spring Festival, Pinups Summer and more to comes next year.

Release NChans Jump and NChans Stickers on Google Play Store – NChans Jump is a mobile game project more or less officially announced. It was announced a few years ago but I couldn’t work on the game to be more complex than the typical “jump mobile game”. Now I have reached several developers, I hope the project to be finished for next year. “NChans Stickers for Whatsapp” is ready for Android devices, I just need to find an artist for the actual artworks.

“First NChans video game” project – Also more or less officially announced, the actual NChans main game to feature the story of the NChans featuring Lawchan, Honchan and a new kind of thread that will try to dominate the world. The world need pinups to save the day! More information will come next year.

That’s a lot and I know I may not be able to do everything as it took me 10 years to know what to do with my project NChans with every problem I had to face (I was still at the university when Honchan was created!…), but this will be fun. For anyone who has read this, thanks for your attention. To every person who has worked with me, thanks again. See you soon and have a nice day. Stay safe and let’s make 2021 a better year.

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