NChans’s 5th Anniversary!

This month the NChans celebrate their 5th anniversary !

Created in 2011 with the help of Acetea-San, the group started with Honchan, Stachan and Pinchan as mascot for NChallenge, in order to present the different projects. The 3 hostesses wore a traditionnal white chinese dress as uniform before their current one. Their physical apparence were also different : Honchan had long hair and Stachan short hair. It is not until 2013 that they obtain their current appearence thanks to Gumwad201.

Very first concepts art of Honchan (2011)
First artworks for NChallenge (2011)
Various fanarts of Honchan, Stachan and Pinchan (2013)
Honchan, Stachan and Pinchan, with the NChans (2013)

Honchan was created with the idea of having a young hostess always voluntary and smiling. For Stachan and Pinchan, it was different. Stachan is the stereotype of the beautiful Russian woman, blonde but imposing. As for Pinchan, she is the stereotype of the young japanese geek unbeatable at video games. Fun fact : Honchan’s birthdate is August 17th, it’s a double event that she will celebrate with joy with her friends !

In 2013, the three were joined by new hostesses employed for specific tasks starting with Lawchan who was imediadly associated to Honchan as partner, the original group was now made up of 4 people. And that is where the name “NChans” was officially created. Since this day, new hostesses continue to join the agency.

You will be able to support Honchan, Stachan, Pinchan or your favorite hostess by using our upcoming app NChans Profile available later this year.

That all for the 5th anniversary of our three hostesses. For the future, we want to reach new objectives such as popularizing the NChans, developping games and applications exclusively dedicated to them, establish partnerships and generate collaborations with third parties.

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