Happy New Year 2019!

Hello! Even if my developer activity is currently low, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year 2019! I hope the best for you and for our world.

This year was difficult for me, my projects have been delayed and I feel I have not made any progress. I hope 2019 will be a better year and I hope to finally publish my contents + find a publisher for my NChans series.

My objectif is to be more active, hoping that I can fully work on my projects in 2019.

NChans Style is now scheduled for Spring 2019, I will communicate a specific date later. It will be launched on Android devices with a dozen of wallpapers featuring Honchan, Lawchan and the pinup hostesses. The app will including premium wallpapers.

After the release of NChans Style I will start working on 2 games projects, try to find partnerships and a publisher. I will not be able to work all alone and I hope NChans Style will help me to promote the projects.

The NChans Studio website was closed earlier 2018 for the whole year. Now that I have found a new artist, I’m working to open it these upcoming weeks with a brand new presentation.

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