Overview on NChallenge’s plans for mobile market

Jul 4, 2017, Author: [NC] Masharu

Mobile games:
– Working on several concepts and 2D prototypes using Unity software.
– Planning to release small free mobile games featuring conventional functions like online leaderboards or Google Play achievements.
– Among these mobile games, a few are without any franchises tied to them.
– NChallenge wants to try to create mobile games with third parties franchises.
– No paid app planned. All are Free-to-Play (or Free-to-Start).

Other apps:
– NChallenge is interested to make more services apps featuring its main franchise NChans.
– In conception: NChans Go, a free health app. Main function: pedometer.

– NChallenge is working on 2 small mobile games featuring the NChans considered as “promotional apps” (no serious).
– “NChans Jump Challenge”: A scoring game where Honchan is automatically running and you have to tap in order to jump over obstacle.
– “NChans Rolling Ball”: A scoring game featuring NChans in emoji form. Feature in-app purchase to unlock the NChans emoji quicker.
– NChallenge will try to expand the NChans franchise through mobile market.
– NChallenge will try to create mobiles game based on the NChans franchise that suit to their universe.
– Mobile game featuring the NChans that not suit to the NChans universe will be created as alternative universe.
– No plan for a runner style game featuring the NChans.

Other details:
– NChallenge will focus on the main NChans characters (Honchan, Stchan, Pinchan, Lawchan and other characters created by NChallenge)
– Characters like originally created by artists on DeviantArt will be not be focused on any mobile game, but may appear on NChallenge’s service app such as NChans Style.

– NChans Jump Challenge. Small mobile game featuring Honchan.
– NChans Rolling Ball.
– Target Striker is renamed as NChans: Target Striker
– Inspired by Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Target Smash mode.
– Featured NChans wearing a new type of uniform.

NChans’s Sidereal Quest:
– Sidereal Wars is renamed as Sidereal Quest and now features the NChans as main characters as alternative universe.
– Maichan is the main characters.
– Working an several titles.

NChans’s Ene-RPG:
– Searching partnerts for ambitious project like Ene-RPG (another alternative universe).
– Ideas in conception. Having interest on a RPG style and also various side gameplay.
– Astrostella still is Ene-RPG’s spin-off and may come before.

– Launched 07/01.
– Brand new interface.
– Now only display hostesses profiles.
– No more tied to NChans Studio website.
– May feature other kind of informations (not only the hotesses profiles)
– Launch with Honchan and Lawchan’s profiles.
– Internet update mainly to add new profile.
– Software update are for addition of new in-app features.
– Users will be notified with push notifications.

– Users can comment on each hostess profile.
– New users feature are planned.

– Main art style still to be determinate.

– Launched 06/31.
– Allow user to customize their devices with NChans illustrations
– Feature artworks from Vanquice, Gumwad201, Wanpuccino.
– Also feature other illustrations from various artists.
– Also feature special illustrations by NChallenge and its partners.
– Start with NChans/Chibi categories.

Available Categories:
– NChans: Features main illustrations of the hostesses in their uniforms.
– Chibi: Chibi version of the NChans wearing their uniforms.
– Special: special illustration by NChallenge.
– Other: Illustrations from various artist that not fit the main art style.
– Pinup Summer: NChan wearing the NChallenge red bikini (available on 07/10).

– Users can put in their favourites illustrations they like the most.
– Users can also save and share their favourites illustrations.
– Basics function like Zoom and Slideshow are available.
– New users feature are planned.

– NChallenge only uses illustration with artists agreement.
– Artists are credited in both illustrations and on the “About” section on the app.
– NChallenge will tries to focus on artists with art style like Vanquice, Gumwad201 and Wanpuccino.

– First Theme Event: “Pinup Summer”
– NChans wearing the red bikini made by NChallenge.
– Will be available on 07/10 (next monday).
– Future Events includes Halloween, Christmas, Special clothes likes wedding dress/cat lingerie/backless sweater.

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