NChallenge’s plans for 2018 | NChans Jump and Visual Novels

Dec 27, 2017, Author: [NC] Masharu

Happy Holidays! We are at the last month of the year, and it’s time for me to announce my next year plans for NChallenge and the NChans franchise. Let’s go !


[*] This only represents my plans but no case I guarantee their executions. Points may vary by December 2018.


The ambition is still the same since 2015: develop games and apps based on the NChans IP. there are things that I did not achieve within the year, such as the community section or some updates. Today, I now have 2 main axes on which the IP should be exploited: 2D platform games and visual novel. The goal will be to release contents on mobiles devices (Android) and Nintendo systems starting with the Nintendo Switch. By the way, NChallenge should also specialize in both genres for other IPs.


I was very encouraged to produce a visual novel based on the NChans because it would be the best fit for the characters and I agree with this vision. However, of all my ideas since the 2000s “NChans” is a series I have not thought about any interaction between the characters. Remember that NChans as characters were originally created as mascots for NChallenge. Building deep relationships with the characters, this will be a real challenge for me! Then the 2D platform genre. It’s one of my favorite genres, if not the first. I have a concept that I will try to mount and develop, I hope you will enjoy it when it will be released!


Additional axes should be addes over time, if opportunity allows me. Notably, the spin-off Ene-RPG featuring the NChans in a different medieval context is still in conception. Other spin-offs in other contexts should be suggested in the future. The idea behind these spin-off contents is to show the NChans as actresses playing in franchises inside the NChans IP itself.


I tried to recruit people to develop and improve my NChans franchise, but I had a lot of rejection and misunderstanding about the different projects, especially on the cooperative aspect. I will continue the adventure alone with the help of freelancer artists, but I remain open to any proposal of freelance for other domains (programming, composition, marketing).


A last point is about promotion. My mistake with NChans Profile/Style was to underestimate the need to be visible. Publishing is not enough to be visible, and even an ad campaign may not give a satisfactory result. The main problem is targeting not the wrong market but a market where it’s diffucult to gain attention with an IP based on original anime characters when you’re an indie developer.


To gain attention on such market as Google Play Store, you have to give people the desire to communicate on their own. This will be my marketing goal for 2018 about NChans Style mainly. But I’m also pretty confident for two things:
– First, it should be easier if I made a game that why I started to make NChans Jump mobile game;
– And second, that other markets like Steam Store or Nintendo eShop it would be easier for promotion for me and I hope to have access during 2018 thanks to the upcoming projects.


Thanks for your attention. Now I will communicate my plans for each project.


No major changes: NChallenge is still focused on NChans contents. But I want to try to create new things based on my old ideas. The NChans were created in 2013, but I have ideas that go back well before their creations!

NCHANS (serie)

Since 2013 my characters have evolved a lot and have gone from the stage of simple website mascots to main characters of games and apps. With time, Honchan saw new partners and their outfits were improved.


This year, I have now built a lore to the series and in 2018 I hope to finally illustrate the universe of NChans, its characters and their histories. It was really hard for me to build the lore. I will not reveal all the details today of course, but I hope that my projects will come true!

NCHANS (video game)

My first video game as a director? I hope! The development of NChans has not started yet, unfortunately I don’t have time to manage everything at once. But I would probably start investing on this project in January. I will use Unity as game engine.


It will be a 2D platform game featuring Honchan… Saving the world, just that! Maybe the goal will be reviewed since then, so sorry for the inaccuracy of my previous comments.


The game will be linked in some way to NChans Jump, but nothing that can harm the experience. Just that people who have played NChans Jump will already know Honchan and its particularity.

NCHANS STORY (*non-definitive logo)

Second major NChans project. This is a visual novel where you can follow the story of the pinups hostesses, especially on the arrival of Lawchan. The development will also begin in January. I will also use Unity as game engine.


A first episode is currently in conception, and a second is also under study. If I receive requests, I would see to realize several episodes which will be focused on certain characters.


The first episode will be subtitled “Welcome, Little Pinup!”.


The development of NChans Jump will restart by early January, for a Spring 2018 release. The game is co-developed with MobileGTs who took care of programming. Buildbox is the game engine.


The game will be available for free on Android devices by spring 2018 with at least 4 characters playable initially: Honchan, Stachan, Pinchan and Rahchan. Other characters will be available by unlocking them.


The website should not know any new versions. Unlike what was planned last year, I was unable to create a community and shop sections. These two sections should be created later, when a community will be born to support the NChans IP and games/apps.


The NChans profiles pages are still not updated, a lot of characters are still missing their profiles. I will try to write them in the same time as developing NChans Profile’s v.3.0.0 with new contents like profile pictures made by artists.


In addition, I don’t plan to carry out crowdfunding campaign or subscription system. Today’s detailed projects will be funded by myself in large part, or by a publisher interested in our IP. I want to achieve the goal of publishing games and apps on mobile (especially Android) and on Nintendo system.


Twitter is the main social network for publishing quick news about the NChans. We will continue to use Twitter as our main social network and we will come back to use Facebook again, less frequently but without ignoring it.


Currently, it’s simply a companion app that allows you to see your mobile NChans’s profiles. Thing should change next year.


NChans Profile will undergo a complete redesign for version 3.0.0 and will become a mobile game. Redevelop on Unity, this new version will introduce visual novel elements where the player (the manager) can interact with the NChans. There will be a “Swipe Mode” where the playr can select his favorite characters. Foechan will remain the main character.


I can’t not give a release date yet as the work just have started. Also, I’m not sure with how many profile the new version will have at its launch.


For now, I plan in January to contact artists on making new drawings of the hostesses for the current version (1.2.0). We will try to keep the same artistic style even if there will necessarily be differences between artists, to preserve a visual identity.


By having several artists working on NChans Style will always allow us to have more drawings. It’s an investment, so there will not be a lot of new designs at the beginning (January to March/April).


“NChans Live!” will be visual novels broadcast live on Twitch and rebroadcast on our YouTube channel. I would use the same engine and visuals as for NChans Story. The work should start in January. Here you can watch a prototype I’m showing to partners.


These shows will be presented by 2 hostesses, probably Maschan and Ylochan but nothing is currently guaranteed. For now I’m looking for a theme, but one of the points will be to present products based on the NChans, such as updates on NChans Style and NChans Profile or the new games like NChans Jump and NChans Story.


Creating a cards game based on NChans is part of the ideas of promotions and merchandising (with the collectible figurines). The idea is to make a classic cards game with NChans but “with a twist”. More information as soon as can!


Other projects include more mobiles games and apps (NChans GO, NChans Casino, Ene-RPG spin-off, NChans Dojo and NChans Emoji). Unless I find partners, I will not focus on them.


Others “IPs”: For now, NChans is the only trademarked IP I have. But I have plenty of ideas in mind, a lot are stories and I thought to finally start to write within the year… But I was lazy and NChans projects take me so much of my free time. So I’m not sure but I will try for sure.


NChallenge Live: I plan to continue my French livestream on Twitch with video games I like, but being alone is a pain and my situation is complex for now. My plan is to make livestream on multiplayers games or funny games. By the way I’m not sure to be able to stream my work, such as developing apps and games in live.

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