NChans plans for 2017

Dec 29, 2016, Author: [NC] Masharu

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ! The NChans wish you a great New Year 2017 ♥ !

Today I will present to you my plans for the next year. It will be a decisive year because I really want to popularize my characters, find partners and make games, mobile apps and other projects with my characters.


  • I need to improve NChans’s audience and keep people interested on my characters. NChans Profile had no visibilty on the Google Play Store.
  • Focus on my mobile apps projects for Android mainly. Later on iOS.
  • I may form a team dedicated to these projects, the NChans Studio Team. Recruting people and create new jobs, findings partnerships and fundings.


  • Now all the hostesses wear gloves and nylon stockings to make a better pin-up appearence.
  • All the hostesses also have alternatives uniforms, the first one is the bunnysuit. New types of uniforms may be created later, depending on the needs (apps, games…).
  • Lawchan has glove but instead of nylon stocking she has simple white stockings. Her dress is now split on both sides like the other hostesses.


  • I will try to fix the remaining bugs and other errors as soon as possible.
  • Completing a hostess profile is very long for a single person. I will try to complete the much as possible during the first part of 2017.
  • The website may get a brand new design later on the second half of 2017.
  • Two new pages : Community and Store. I hope to make them ready for the second half of 2017 if I succeed to make an audience.
  • Community : Will be a discussions board, once I get an audience. People will be able to talk about the NChans, their games, stories, apps.
  • Store : NChans based products I want to offer to the NChans audience so they can support us.
  • Ready today : Spreadshirt products. You are able to get NChallenge badges, like Noxchan and Voxchan have.
  • I want to make NChans products in the future.


  • Trying to popularize mycharacter through illustrations made by populars artists on DeviantArt, Pixiv, Tumblr and more, sharing the same art style.
  • I will try to get at least one illustration per month.


  • Big update next year. Offering a brand new interface, will be seperated from NChans Studio’s website. Will also be fully adapted for tablets devices.
  • Improving the hostesses profile aspect.
  • Introducing membership, rewards, gifts, micro-transactions.
  • Micro-transaction will allow you to upgrade your account and the interaction with the NChans’s profiles.


  • First dedicated mobile game on conception related to the NChans.
  • Scenario : In order to train Maschan and her partner, a new method is used : break the target. You mean, like smashing them ?
  • NChans : Maschan (main), Ylochan (splash), Niichan, Bekchan, Urachan, Bibchan, Jlachan (secret).
  • Mixing puzzle and action game with scoring.
  • Free to play, with ads and micro-transactions.


  • Third dedicated mobile game on conception related to the NChans.
  • May come in 2018. More information later in 2017.


  • Launching planned for Spring 2017. Presented by Depchan.
  • Start with 5 illustrated backgrounds + 1 pattern background.
  • Illustrations are made by one main artist.
  • Free to download, no micro-transaction.
  • A premium version with exclusive contents is on conception.


  • Second dedicaded mobile game on conception related to the NChans.
  • Scenario : The Astral Guardians have to fight the Chaos from the destruction of the galaxy.
  • NChans : Varchan (main/splash), Firchan and Fulchan, Caechan, Tixchan, Itachan, Vimchan.
  • Puzzle game in the same vain as Pokémon Shuffle or Disney Emoji.
  • Free to play, with ads and micro-transactions.

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