New design and NChans projects

Nov 28, 2017, Author: [NC] Masharu


  • The NChallenge website has a new look. A theme based on the work of FreshFace. I think it’s the definitive design, it will not change anymore.
  • The design is simple, contents are directly displayed.
  • I only kept 4 pages: homepage, games/apps page, news page (now called blog) and video/livestream page.
  • I have remove the old news until last summer.



  • Focus in 3 projects : NChans Jump, “NChans core game” and NChans Live!.
  • NChans Jump will be released early 2018. The first assets have been created.
  • “NChans Live!” will be a show broadcast on Twitch and YouTube, presented by Maschan.
  • A video game based on the NChans will be in development soon. Scheduled for Steam and Nintendo Switch later 2018/2019.
  • Other projects revealed last summer still in conception.

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