Use of NChans Intellectual Property


Thank you for your interest in our NChans Intellectual Properties. As new installment in the media, we accept any form of assistance that could put forward our trademark and we refuse any proceeding that eventually could harm it. For commercial purpose and if you are a third part company, please contact us via this page (job).


We don’t support but you’re allowed to make any non-commercial amateur project (fan projects), that is to say distributed free of charge without profit for its creators. That includes what is called “fanarts”, “fan games”, “fan fictions”, “musics remixes”. In any case, you can always try to contact us through the contact page and social networks.


– You are not allowed to use directly our own resources such as logos, artworks, musics or game assets for your fan projects.

– You re not allowed to publish apps on mobile markets based on our NChans IP.

– You can bring other IPs into your NChans fan projects as long as you don’t violate the owners’s rights.