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Vote for your favorite bikini girl! The character with the most cote (except Ciara) would be the focus of the next summer artwork by OppaiHobby.


Law’s Girls
The Law’s Girls are seven girls: Ciara, Faith, Suzy, Kishi, Annie, Brigit and Yun. They assist me in my work and have various activities. They wears a race queen outfit in two parts : a white top covering arms and a white leotard (except Yun who wears a very short cheongsam).

Ciara is dynamic, she plays sports very often. She loves to spend her nights out with her friends, watching movies and going out for dinner. She has known Suzy and Faith since childhood and was pleasantly surprised to see them working for the same company.

Ciara’s best friend. Faith met Ciara while studying. Yet their relationship started with conflicts but since they keep a form of competition between the two. She like to charm people and as soon as she has the opportunity she does not hesitate to flirt with naive men.

A childhood friend of Ciara, who joined the United States for work. Suzy is shy, hates being watched. She can count on Ciara and Faith if there is a problem.

One of Ciara’s team partners. Kishi wants to become an idol and dreams of being as popular as Ciara and Faith.

One of Ciara’s team partners of French origin, rather distinguished but rather naive. Annie would have royal origins but would prefer to talk about the good weather.

One of Ciara’s team partners. Brigit is an intellectual and animal lover. Her big fight is to educate people about ecology.

One of Ciara’s team partners. Yun practices several martial arts but practices mostly kung fu.

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