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Updates on NChans projets (10th Anniversary)

Hello there! Thanks for reading (I know you don't exist right now, I'm talking to nobody) There are a lot of things to talk about for basically nothing. In any case, I have huge problem of activity for a few years now, I'm just not that active on the Internet and productive I was back...

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Happy New Year 2019!

Hello! Even if my developer activity is currently low, I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year 2019! I hope the best for you and for our world. This year was difficult for me, my projects have been delayed and I feel I have not made any progress. I hope 2019 will be a...

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A New Challenger!

Hello and welcome to Challengia's website. My name is Martial, before I was publishing news and contents under my personal username and now I would be a little more personal with you. For those who have known me under the old developer name, "Challengia!" is my new name under which games and apps will be...

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